Posted by Maddy on May 17 2012

1:2:1 Newborn Mentoring - Maddyzangles Photography Lincolnshire

Claire was a super student. She took loads of notes, asked lots and lots of questions, had her own great ideas, and was not afraid to get hands on either. 

Claire didn't waste any time leaving me a super review when she got home. l'm so grateful....and delighted that she, along with all my students, went away so happy with their day.


From the moment I first contacted Maddy I was welcomed with great enthusiasm and support. Entering the world of newborn photography is certainly daunting, but Maddy’s warm smile and friendly approach puts you instantly at ease. 
At the start of the day, I was welcomed into Maddy's family home for a coffee and a chat and Maddy explained how we would approach the session. We covered equipment, parent preparation, creating a suitably calm environment, safe posing, editing techniques and marketing ideas. 
I came away with a wealth of knowledge, a selection of stunning images and even a beautifully presented gift bag; packed with goodies and useful vouchers to get me started.
Maddy is extremely passionate about photography and takes great pride in her work. She openly shares her expertise, experience and advice and I have gained so much from our mentoring day. She is a skilled and thoughtful teacher and her general approach to training is relaxed and effective. 
The experience was truly invaluable and I came away feeling totally inspired and excited to move forward with my business. I would highly recommend Maddy to anybody thinking about offering newborn photography – It really is the most worthwhile business investment I have made to date. 
Maddy really is a gem - I am so glad I chose her as my mentor and her ongoing support has been incredible.
BIG thanks to my sponsors for yesterday go to: 
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